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June 2018: Nationally a number of significant supply chain shortages continue to be managed. These include intravenous antibiotics and furosemide. Please check Microguide for latest antibiotic recommendations and Medusa (link on every Trust desktop) for advice in English on formulations of iv drugs supplied by pharmacy.

March 2018: The Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust (KMPT) Formulary can now be accessed by the following link. It is now online on the same platform  that we will be moving our formulary to. The link can be set up as a webapp if saved to your phone/tablet home screen. see 

July 2017 Welcome to this years new junior doctors. E-learning is available on the prescription chart, safer basic prescribing and how to do VTE risk assessment in our Trust.
July 2017 Download now to your device the new improved BNF and BNFC app for iOS and Android that replaces the previous separate NICE BNF & BNFC apps. The NICE BNF App will be no longer updated.
July 2017 Take allergy seriously. Always check. See safety video.

BNF British National Formulary SPC Summary of Product Characteristics InformationNHS
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BNF British National Formulary for Children  Guys/St Thomas/Kings/Lewisham Paediatric Formulary


The formulary is maintained by the Medicines Information team. Contact Medicines Information for any formulary or medicine queries by email or telephone 723-6001 (internal) or 01233 616001 (external).

This web formulary is continuously updated. There is more information about our formulary here. Within the Trust more medicines information is found on the Drugs & Therapeutic pages and clinical practice is supported by policies and guidelines on Sharepoint as well as the information on Trustnet. We are constantly mitigating medication shortages and update formulary appropriately.


Trust clinicians should apply to add to formulary new medicines/formulations or new indications for an established drug using the joint formulary form. Only utilise the previous  drug request form  if the medication will be used within the Trust at Trust expense on a one off fashion.



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