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August 2021 Welcome to this years new junior doctors. E-learning is available on the prescription chartsafer basic prescribing and how to do VTE risk assessment in our Trust. Trustnet has general prescibing advice . Microguide Pharmacy section has prescribing guidelines.

December 2020 Formulary has information on the Pfizer-BioNTech (Courageous) Covid-19 vaccine  and other COVID-19 vaccines but note that the Adult Antimicrobial Guide microguide COVID-19 microbiology section tells you how to use dexamethasone, IL-6R inhibitors, Remdesivir etc and the Acute Medical Presentations Microguide COVID-19>Prescribing FAQs in COVID-19 section has other detail.

April 2020: For latest news on shortage issues see Trust medicines shortages page. Links to all the documents necessary to understand and implement the process of issuing a prescription in a teleclinic are now in the document FAQs on Prescribing relevant to COVID-19 

February 2020:summary anticoagulation dosing guide for current secondary care dosing recommendations and key safety issues exists. For primary care see this link

December 2019:  The East Kent joint formulary site went live. Since 2020 it is integrated with all our local partners in Kent & Medway STP and displays costs of medications to the NHS.  See 

September 2019: Please click this link for information that will help in the decision making of formulary applicationsSmof Vits Lipid Solution information. Please refer to the link


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A joint formulary is being developed across Kent and Medway. If a request for inclusion of a product to the formulary is going to be hospital only, the request is made to the EKHUFT Drugs and Therapeutics Committee (DTC); which is held on the fourth Wednesday of every second month, or monthly if business requires. If the product is going to be used across the health economy the request is made to the Joint Formulary Group (JFG) for consideration. A decision will then be made by the JFG whether to recommend/ not recommend the product to the Joint Prescribing Committee (JPC). If recommended, this application will then be presented at the JPC for approval where the applicant will be expected to present the case in person. Final ratification will be sought from the Kent and Medway CCG Clinical Cabinet. It can take 8-10 weeks from point of application to final ratification decision at Clinical Cabinet. Please see flow chart below for a summary of this process.

Flow chart of formulary process


New Formulary Medicine/ NICE TA Application


 HIGH COST DRUGS MANUAL - Kent and Medway health economy national tariff excluded drugs

The purpose of this manual is to describe the process for funding National Tariff Excluded Drugs (NTEs) these are the high cost drugs excluded from the National Tariff payment system (National Tariff), previously known as National Tariff Exclusions (National Tariff). .

Drugs are only commissioned for those indications listed under the individual drug and with regard to locally commissioned (CCG) drugs may not be commissioned across every CCG. Information on whether a CCG has commissioned a drug can be found in the “Commissioned By” box. These drugs often require prior approval before prescribing using the Blueteq system. Invoices will be refused for indications not listed within this manual, for patients whose CCG does not commission the drug or if prior approval has not been obtained. For any help with obtaining high cost drugs please contact the Medicines Value team via



 Please see the file below to access the recent and archived copies of Medicines Wise, the quarterly bulletin packed with information from learning incidents.




SACT pathways can be viewed using the following link:


The Critical Medicines List is now available. Please use the following link:

Obtaining Medication out of Hours

 Any medication not available out of hours should be located using the drug stock file on the Intranet at  If a medicine cannot be obtained the on-call pharmacist must be contatced for advice


The list below provides information relevant to alternative administration in patients with swallowing difficulties and enteral tubes in situ. The information provided is applicable to both routes unless otherwise stated.




If SIP feeds are to be continued by the GP there will be a message from the dieticians on the EDN under the dietetic summary section.

 To access the Kent & Medway Catheter and Accessories First choice list please use link below

[ Kent & Medway Catheter and Accessories first choiice list ]




The formulary is maintained by the Medicines Information team. Contact Medicines Information for any formulary or medicine queries by email or telephone 723-6001 (internal) or 01233 616001 (external).

This web formulary is continuously updated. There is more information about our formulary here. Within the Trust more medicines information is found on the Drugs & Therapeutic pages and clinical practice is supported by policies and guidelines on Sharepoint as well as the information on Trustnet. We are constantly mitigating medication shortages and update formulary appropriately.


It has been noted that several instances have occurred where Medusa has not been available. The Trust has therefore put a contingency plan into place so that alternative rsources can be used. Please click on link below.




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