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New FY1 Online Prescribing Teaching Module

The aim of this online teaching module is to familiarise you with the practical application of the Trust's prescribing policies to written scripts on the drug chart, and to help you to 'bridge the gap' between the theoretical pharmacology you will have learnt at medical school and the practical ward-based prescribing skills you will need as an FY1 doctor.
Firstly ensure you are familiar with the layout of the current Trust's inpatient prescribing chart by clicking this link. There may be layout changes in the latest version of the drug chart compared to the examples in this tutorial as we learn from reported errors and others successful design practice. You will find links back to this page and to the formulary at the bottom of the home page.
While designed for FY1 induction, this module may also help other junior doctors joining the Trust. A lot of being a junior doctor is about communicating with other healthcare professionals to optimise patient outcomes. Correct use of the drug chart and effective communication about medication with nurses and pharmacists, for example, is vitally important. A huge proportion of patient safety incidents in hospital relate to poor prescribing practice, especially by juniors.
We hope that this module, coupled with the interactive seminar between a current FY1, a pharmacist and yourselves during Induction Week, will help you to identify where common errors can occur and help you minimise any mistakes during your first few weeks and beyond. The responsibility of having to prescribe medication in 'real life' is one of the most daunting parts of starting FY1, so we hope this will improve your confidence in doing this from the outset.

We have put together the following short interactive cases, which outline specific scenarios where many of these errors occur. You will be asked to identify mistakes on the drug chart. Annotations will then provide further information and advice, from an FY1's point of view. It is clearly not possible to teach you everything about prescribing here : you will hone the majority of your practical skills whilst on the wards. But this should give you a good introduction to ensure that easily preventable mistakes are not made and that you get in to good prescribing habits early on in your careers!

Other relevant websites are:

Online prescribing chart demo

Trust formulary

Example of VTE risk assessment screens in Vitalpac®

Module designed by Dr. Aamir Saifuddin, Dr. Kavitha Vimalesvaran FY1s 2012

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